Top performance for every repair and overhaul.
New dynamism for your ships, locks and weirs.

We spearhead extensive repair, renovation and installation work on locks, weirs, ship hoists, pumping stations, working vessels and barrages


Hydraulic power units • Hydraulic cylinders • Electromechanical drives • Hydraulic systems • Hydraulic valve and control technology • Electrical switchgears • Air jet systems • Shafts, pinions and cogwheels • Telescopic stilts for working vessels

Power unit for a ship hoist

Power unit assembly KPA-O

Weir chain assembly

Pipe installation work for a lock drive

Mitre gate cylinder for a lock

Repair of a spur gear

Gearbox repair at a lock

Chain assembly for a lock gate drive

Alignment work for a lock

New drive units for a weir

Stilt on a working vessel


  • Design and calculation of hydraulic and mechanical drives
  • Manufacture, delivery and assembly of electrohydraulic and electromechanical drives
  • Pipe installation for hydraulic systems
  • Repair and maintenance work on flood protection systems
  • Performance of the electrical installation work and commissioning of the systems


  • DNV GL Schweißzulassung
  • Herstellerqualifikation zur Ausführung von Stahltragwerken nach DIN EN1090
  • DIN EN ISO 3834 Schmelzschweißen metallischer Werkstoffe
  • Herstellerqualifikation nach
    DIN 2302 Q2 BK1
  • TRGS 519 “Asbest”


We offer maintenance contracts, oil analyses and other services, carried out by our installation teams, to significantly increase the service life of your system.

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