We move technology. We provide our customers with dynamism and optimal solutions: our hydraulic or electromechanical systems move subsystems for large luxury yachts, locks and weirs as well as industrial machinery. When help is needed quickly for servicing, maintenance or repairs, we will be there on land, at the lock and in the harbour – anywhere in the world.
We help our customers as a team. Almost 100 employees are involved in developing and moving your systems!
Yacht yards value our solutions as probably the highest quality offerings on the market – made in Germany and tested by the demanding German class inspectors. Lock and weir operators know that we meet deadlines and budgets without compromising on the quality, even if we sometimes have to work at weekends. Industrial customers trust us to solve practically any hydraulic problem.

Our location in Bremen’s Cargo Distribution Centre (GVZ) gives us optimal logistics connections.
Our technical facilities provide everything that our customers need.


Building on more than 30 years of experience, we move complicated and technically sophisticated plants and subsystems at sea and on land.

Through the acquisition of small companies and the development of its own increasingly sophisticated range of systems, the company’s founder, who gave the company its name, developed a small craftsman’s business into a medium-sized company that is well-known in its markets: in Europe and worldwide, we now stand for top products and services for large luxury yachts and the customised systems on board. In Germany, lock and weir operators value our know-how about drive technology; in our home region around Bremen, customers count on our repair and construction expertise about every question regarding hydraulic applications.


We are there for you with around 100 employees. From the mechanical and electrical design to technical sales, manufacturing, internal and external assembly, after-sales or administration to specialists in the programming of plant control systems, the supervision of the highly demanding varnishing in the yacht building sector or the construction of hydraulic cylinders – we offer you the full range of know-how with regard to our systems.


As a medium-sized company, we focus on our strengths and work together with partners on special topics. In this way, we keep fixed costs low for our customers and can also cover special requirements at the same time. We are supported by design partners on a selective basis and surface finishers and painters on a regular basis. We purchase steel and components from well-known partners, and local partners support us on assembly projects. We comply with all German and international regulations and have around 20 representatives for everything from data protection to sabotage protection. All these partners and, last but not least, the German class inspectors for yacht building and other maritime facilities, who are known to be very demanding, make us a strong company for our customers overall.


On request, we are happy to provide our customers with references for all our business segments. Please contact us!

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