Anchor and mooring hatches


Our systems are delivered as complete modules with the corresponding control technology and can be installed on site upon request. The systems can be delivered in steel, stainless steel or aluminium.



Pool steps

In the pool steps product area, we can offer you various technically sophisticated systems or manufacture them according to your wishes. All systems are delivered as finished welded modules and can in installed by our service technicians right where you need it.


Davit systems

Our davit systems are manufactured for the use of tender and rescue boats as well as for life rafts. The load capacities, ship connections and strokes are carried out flexibly according to customer wishes. All systems are inspected and approved by the corresponding classification society and tested with our own testing devices. Our service technicians can install the systems and commission them on site.



Fender systems and boat booms

Manufactured from stainless steel or carbon-fibre reinforced plastic and available in various solutions and SWL sizes. All systems are delivered as finished modules and can be installed on site by our service technicians.

Sun awnings


Our hydraulic power units are produced in a flexible manner according to customer desires and fitted with performance-controlled or constant pumps. For our rescue systems, the central hydraulics are fitted with the corresponding “stored power” units for emergency operation.


Special systems


Under special systems, we fulfille special customer desires from all areas such as, for example, travelin


´ß09876543quter deck tables, exterior lighting, special launching arrangements for boats or helicopter lift systems as well as other special solutions.


Light and

radar masts

Our light and radar masts are single to triple telescopic and operated using double-acting hydraulic cylinders. The upper lighting and radar attachments are added according to customer desires, sometimes also equipped with covers for helicopter landing zones. The telescopic masts can be ordered in stainless steel or carbon-fibre reinforced plastic.

Rudder systems and stabilisers

Our rudder systems and stabilisers are dimensioned and produced according to the regulations of the classification societies. The drive takes place via hydraulic cylinders and the corresponding coupling rods. All systems are delivered with the respective electric and hydraulic controls.




Rescue boot and life raft cranes

In the product area of our free-standing cranes, tender, rescue boats and life raft cranes are produced. The ship connection takes place over welding-finished foundation tons. The bearing capacity, material and lengths are flexibly constructed and produced according to your requirements. The installation and commissioning can be executed by our service technicians on site.


Pool lifting platforms

Our pool lifting platforms are constructed and produced according to your requirements, and processed using scissors lifting systems. The drive and the locking occurs using cylinders which are operated via water hydraulics. Our platforms can be produced in stainless steel and aluminium.



All systems are produced according to your size and load specifications and delivered as a complete welded module. Various material versions such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium can be used. All systems contain the desired drive and locking systems as well as windows and railing systems. Upon completion the marine terraces can be installed and commissioned by our service technicians on site.


Marine terraces


Stern and side mounted gangways

Our gangway systems are individually adjusted to suit customer desires, and flexibly constructed and finished. All systems are equipped with the desired landing systems, lighting and laid teak tread area, and decorated with a high-quality colour coating. Upon request, we can also deliver the corresponding bulwark modules and closing flaps. All systems are demonstrated to our customers before delivery and can even be installed and commissioned on site by our service technicians.



Unsere Hydraulikaggregate werden flexibel nach Kundenwunsch gefertigt und mit leistungsgeregelten oder konstanten Pumpen ausgestattet. Für unsere Rettungssysteme werden die Zentralhydrauliken mit den entsprechenden „Stored Power“-Einheiten für den Notbetrieb ausgerüstet.


Tür- und Klappensysteme

Alle Systeme werden als fertige Einschweißmodule geliefert und entsprechend Ihrer Maß- und Belastungsvorgaben gefertigt. Es können verschiedene Materialausführungen wie Stahl, Edelstahl und Aluminium verwendet werden. Alle Systeme beinhalten die gewünschten Antriebs- und Verriegelungssysteme und können bei Ihnen vor Ort durch unsere Servicetechniker installiert und in Betrieb genommen werden.