With a great deal of manufacturing experience and depth of production, we deliver everything from one source: development, manufacture, assembly, installation and service.


Our manufacturing meets the general demands of plant and mechanical engineering as well as the specific demands of our yachting equipment, hydraulics and hydraulic steelwork business areas.



Metal cutting, welding, hydraulics, assembly and electrics are all part of the core competences in our manufacturing.


Experienced specialist staff and a large machine park put us in a position where we are able to provide almost all services related to completing our plants ourselves. At the same time, we can also react quickly and flexibly to customer wishes or schedule changes. When demand peaks, we can also fall back onto our network of experienced companies with whom we have built up long-standing and loyal business relationships.


Cutting technology

Our machine park is operated by qualified specialist staff and covers:


- conventional cycle-controlled lathes

- conventional CNC milling machines

- conventional drills


We work with aluminium alloys, stainless steels and duplex steels as well as various plastics.

Our largest cycle-controlled lathe has a distance between centres of 8 m for turning diameters of up to 1.150mm and a part weight of 10 t. We also have, among other things, a column milling machine (x = 6.000 mm, y = 2.000 mm, z = 1.200 mm) with 50 x tool changers which allow us to process parts with a weight of up to 100 t.


Welding technology


As a certified welding company, we work with steels, stainless steels, duplex steels and aluminium alloys with the current welding processes (MAG, MIG, TIG,E-Hand).

All welding work is carried out by approved welders and supervised by a welding engineer as well as diverse welding specialists. The quality assurance is guaranteed, among other things, through specialist staff who have completed VT, PT and MT tests.



Experiences specialist staff ensure repairs completed according to schedule and the assembly of complex construction components and systems.

For our yachting equipment area, we have two massive test stands to test and demonstrate all functions of our in-house developed plants in accordance with the valid requirements of the classification societies.


Repair activities in hydraulics and hydraulic steelworks are, among other things, carried out with the help of a honing machine (tension length approx. 4.000 mm, internal diameter: 64 mm - 533 mm)  and a torque key (M: 1.000Nm to 7.000 Nm, tension length approx. 5.000 mm, clamping diameter approx. 500 mm).