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Self erecting telescope yacht crane


SWL from 500 kg up to 4000 kg


Our  new  design patented design line is developed for a small stowage height and in opposite for a very height  working position. Furthermore our new construction has  a very short stowed length for installation below hatches. We have developed this design line as MOB – crane  with MCA/ Solas  approval  and  as heavy – lift  crane.



The swivel platform has a rotation area about  355 ° . The crane jib can be raise d about 70°. All functions can be driven proportional and it can be driven two functions at the same time. The swivel platform is driven via two hydraulic swivel drives. The movement of the rope take place by a hydraulic winch which is located inside the crane jib. All hydraulic functions are integrated in a cable – or wireless remote control.

Boat Launching System


SWL 1000 ‐ 10 000 kgs for boats up to 14 m


Our patented design line is developed for boat launching at the stern side of vessels. The embarkation and disembarkation are made comfortable in a very short time.



The system is guided via rails to the hull substructure with a carriage at the stern side of a vessel to launch tender boats. The carriage is hydraulic motor driven by means of two tooth‐belts. A boat bed is connected to the carriage and can be tilted downwards and upwards via a pivot by means of hydraulic cylinders. Guide rolls are fitted in the boat bed in the bottom centre and on both sides.






Telescopic Mast



On the top of the Telescopic Mast the working and navigation lamps are mounted. An inner guiding system of the

mast prevents the twisting of the individual telescopic stages. The mast foundation is such designed that a pulley

can be mounted directly to the mast tube which leads the power cable directly into the mast. A cable routing prevents the cable to spring of the roll. A roll holder carries the spring reel in a distance defined by the manufacturer.

The upper and lower mast position will be secured by limit switches.





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