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Foundation of the company in the near of Oldenburg with specialization in hard chrome plating and grinding of hydraulic cylinder piston rods and tubes.




Enlargement of the company’s mechanical engineering production with focus on engineering and production of hydraulic cylinders and special-purpose machines with own pool of machinary.




Introduction to the ships’ equipment sector (with focus on mega yachts) with engineering and production of electro-hydraulically controlled crane systems and manned launching systems; enlargement of the engineering department.




Relocation of the company to Bremen in response to the growing demand for ships’ equipment thus further enlarging of the pool of machinery, production area and production range.Three additional sales engineers are hired for the emerging main fields of business, namely surface treatment, ships’ equipment and hydraulic steelwork (production of hydraulic cylinders and units including control technology).



The surface treatment division (which has remained in the near of Oldenburg) develops several special coating processes for which it also obtains patent protection. This division is certified with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 in the same year.




Over the years, the steadily growing number of Gilbert & Schmalriede systems installed on ships has given rise to a new field of business in the service sector for which our service technicians are deployed throughout the world.




All in all, a workforce of about 90 men and women now contribute towards the company’s success.

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